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that no one knew him previously. his identity is an important issue for the defense. >> what the defense has found in this case is that there is another individual who is currently held in began taguanty by the united states with a name similar in parts if not identical to my client's. >> abu ghaith is the highest ranking al qaeda figure to face trial on u.s. soil since the 9/11 attacks. >>> prosecutors call themselves satisfied with the start of the murder trial of oscar pistorius. pistorius pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenka steenkamp, and to other gun-related charges. on the stand yesterday, a prosecution witness recalled hearing what she called the blood-curdling screams of a woman before four gunshots on the morning steenkamp was killed. pistorius's attorney contends the screaming may have been pistorius screaming for help after he realized he shot scene camp. >>> a minnesota couple died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home. the two daughters were found alive in their house. they're being treated at the hospital. the wife mentioned on face
and her family as we hear from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: testifying in her own defense in her drug driving trial, normally private, kerry kennedy, opened up about her very public family. in in answering the defense's initial questions, the 54-year-old described her upbringing. affectionately referring to her father, the late robert f. kennedy, as, quote, daddy. also talking about her farther's assassination, saying, quote, i have ten brothers and sisters. my mother raised us because my father died when i was 8. he was killed when he was running for president. kennedy's 85-year-old mother ethel, who rarely makes public appearances, her sister and three daughters were also in court. now the third day of trial is over, now a single misdemeanor count of driving while impaired, kennedy says in july of 2012 she accidentally took a prescription sleep pill with her breakfast instead of thyroid medication then got behind the wheel. kennedy, pleading not guilty. 24 testified she felt disoriented and frightened and i was struggling to figure out what had happened to me. on cross-examinat
in the hands as if to block out what he was hearing when his defense counsel challenged a neighbor's testimony that she heard a woman scream after the final shot. >> there was serious, serious brain damage. and our evidence will be that the person with that brain damage will have no response, no cognitive function, no thought process. she could not have screamed. >> reporter: the witness, who was not on camera, also lost her composure when describing her state of mind when she made her original statement. >> it was quite raw still. >> it was quite? >> raw emotion. >> raw emotion? >> when i'm in the shower, i relive her shouts. >> reporter: michelle burger who described the screams as blood-curdling lives approximately two football fields away from the murder scene. we learned that the defense team had carried out a test to recreate the screams at the same hour of the murder in pistorius' home to see if the sound would carry. a second witness also describes being woken in the early hours of valentine's day 2013 by a commotion. >> it seems like somebody was involved in a fight. >> reporter: if f
her defense. a toxicology expert testified that kennedy may not have realized she was impaired which is what she has insisted all along. >> now a disturbing story about people accused of profiting off the 9/11 attacks. law enforcement officials say some of new york city's finest and bravest have not been honest. devin dwyer has more on a scam to pocket disability fund. >> one by one former police officers and firefighters arrive in cuffs. more than two dozen new arrests, part of a widening dragnet over a scam linked to 9/11. prosecutors say the defendants stole from the social security administration. some faking 9/11-related post traumatic stress to claim disability payments. >> these are dollars that are reserved for people who truly need it the most. >> in reality, some of the 130 accused have been living high on life. in court filings last month, prosecutors cited photos, videos and social media posting that show the defendants do not appear to be disabled. despite claiming they couldn't use a computer, could not drive, or could not shop. former police officer, glenn leiberman ar
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4